86 & Skyline festival

There are 3 things Japan takes very seriously. Sushi, Skylines and 86s. So when you decide to combine two of the three together you are in for one hell of an event, or as the Japanese would say bari tanoshiiyo.


If you want to see a glut of skylines or the humble hachi in one place then this event is for you.


It bring everyone from Bee-R* to the enthusiasts out of hibernation.  Walking through the pits there is everything from garage builds, to D1GP machines.


For spectators and photographers it was heaven, a nice mix of action, with some of the most impressive classic, and hopped up J-tin you will ever see. For the hachiroku maniac, N2 machines, time attack cars, to the classic original period-correct factory spec 86s.


A few of the iconic machines we all know and love, were present too. Tec Arts, Nojireal 86, Operation Tomodachi D1GP, Hiromi Kajikuma’s Winds Auto 86, and the Sight Hound time attack car all had their time on track distracting many of the fans and even some of the drivers on-track as they blasted by.


Tezuka Tsuyoshi was present drifting the Bee-R* Goodyear Skyline.


One thing Japan is well known for is a good festival, star festival, cherry blossom festival, it really is a country where they don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate something.


A lineup like this is enough to make any hachi fanatic weak at the knees!


Although the excitement was all too much for a few.  It was an early morning wakeup for this one so I don’t blame him!


It is amazing to see so many historical, and very valuable cars come out to the track and not just sit in the pits.  Yes some of these cars are worth up to 250k but every single on was hammered around the track.  Not just a show pony lineup here.


Seeing a long line of Hakosukas filing out of the pitlane was a sensory overload, and the noise was a bit of alright too.


Space was a premium at this event, cars were packed in like sardines.  All like-minded folk hanging out, brought together by one common interest.


Without a doubt, one of my all time favourite shapes is the Hakosuka GT-R.  Japanese automobiles have never looked so good!


Finally a last hurrah out on track for the Skylines, never in one place have I seen so much money out on track being driven in anger.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do as a photographer is to put the camera down and just watch.  This was one time I was glad I did jus that.


Followed up by the hachis, two classic marques of car in abundance, on Tsukuba Circuit is certainly a recipe for success.  I shall be back for the next one!

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