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That feeling of walking through immigration and into the arrivals hall at Narita airport is a refreshing one.  After 6 years calling this place home it is always good to come back.  This time round I have a few buddies in tow with me for the trip. While we were waiting on the last one to fly in I decided to kick back and relax in Narita.


Nothing like a good stroll in and around Narita temple.  The weather was superb, what better way to arrive back.


I spend most of my time shooting cars, but it is always refreshing to point the lens at something different.


As my buddy Jamie Harbour arrived at the airport it was time to meet up, and then head for the hotel.  More than 6 hours in Japan and I hadn’t even taken a car photo yet.  Now that is a first.


That wasn’t about to last long though…


After a horrible night’s sleep on the plane, there was one place to really kick back and relax – RWB.


It was great spinning a yarn with Nojima-san who is still working hard painting while Nakai-san is overseas building yet more RWB Porsches.


It’s always great coming back to RWB, the workshop that never changes, but is certainly my happy place.  It was now time to hit bed, ready to hit the ground running with the first photoshoot starting the next day.  A little bit of Japanese flavour <3 NZ.  More coming soon!

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