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After snapping temples and lots of cherry blossom and endless kimono for a few days I was feeling refreshed and ready to get back into the automotive shooting.  Good way to kick things off was to see a car that I have been craving to shoot since I first saw Dino post a shot of it on Facebook.  The Rocketbunny FD RX7.


Obviously I was chomping at the bit to get out to Rocketbunny and grab as many shots of this incredible looking machine as possible.  However as Miura-san was busy with clients until mid afternoon I needed to find something to keep me out of trouble.


After having spent the night in Nagoya, I decided to head out to the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry.  The main reason I wanted to head here was that this workshop was the original site of the Toyota group.  These used to be production lines…


Nowadays it is host to a collection of machines, and is used as an educational facility.  Metal presses were in action making example engine parts just on a smaller scale.  Impressive stuff!


Imagine making cars like this, the attention to detail was amazing.  The people who built these cars must have been incredibly skilled workmen.


As I made my way down into the hall, engines, cars and other machinery was all present.  This Celica could quite possibly be the cleanest example on earth!


Watching an automated machine bring together the panels that make up a shell right before welding.  From a bunch of random pieces to a 3d shell in all of 15 seconds.


One for the JDM fans.  The humble Chaser.  Quickly enough it was time to head back to Nagoya station and jump on the Shinkansen again.  Miura-san and the RX7 were waiting.



We arrived in the pouring rain.  Luckily there is always one place we can depend on – the trusty gasoline stand.  Covered, and with a coffee shop inside it was the perfect shoot location.


A classic (very JPS) styled livery on the RX7 with the ducktail wing, and pumped aero just made this car look so good from every angle.  After grabbing this shot Miura-san comes strolling out with a piping hot coffee.  Time for a quick break before the shooting continues.

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