Blogroll – Day 7

Today we headed southwest.  Our destination was Meihan Circuit just out of Kobe.  This is one place I have never been, yet seen so many times on the net.  Despite the rain having set in, that wasn’t about to deter me from shooting some top notch drift action.


On the way down to Kobe the weather was good.  As we got further towards Kansai things changed a bit.  Luckily the rental car was waiting and so was all the on track action.


I arrived just in time to see my good friend Takashi Mine lining his Rocketbunny S13 up in pitlane for his turn on track.  This is one angry and gorgeous driftcar.


One thing Meihan is famous for is wallrides. Somehow this S15 was perfectly setup as a spark machine.  Run after run he was right against the wall with his wing sparking away like a fire cracker.


The best thing about these meets is how friendly the locals are.  Point your camera at them and they are always good for offering up a peace sign! It’s the people who makes these events, not just the cars that is for sure.


With a raft of cars present, it was awesome to spot a bunch of kyusha.  There were slammed hellaflush rides, drift machines, and old school whips everywhere.  Love the boso pipes on this one!



If anyone knows how to do stance infused cars it is Japan! Drooooool!


After the drifting was done, and I walked the track snapping photos Nakawatase-san’s VOLKLINGER S14 was still sitting in the carpark.  The fog descended and it was like a scene out of a horror film.  This S14 is the original camo military vehicle and is beautiful from any angle!
It was now time to roll back, and prep up for a night meet with a bunch of Kobe locals.  More on the carpark catchup next.


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