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It’s insane how fast time passes you by when you are having fun.  Already onto day 9 and I was well inside my relaxed zone.  With a shoot at TRA-Kyoto the following day, I decided to kick back for another day and just enjoy shooting whatever came across my lens.


Oddly enough I find myself taking way too many photos of the vending machines, I wish New Zealand would take note and start offering more than 3 choices of beverage!


The old ladies behind me were just waiting for the gaijin to fall in the pond.  A place of serene beauty and peace that can only be interrupted by 4 kiwis and a couple of cameras…


If you could be anywhere at the peak of sakura season, hands down Kyoto would be my choice and that is exactly where I was.  Sakura around every corner, and a potential photo too.  There is only so many photos of the pink blossoms that one can possibly snap.


Despite being a non-car day it was cool seeing this fully caged up Mitsi tarmac rally car nestled amongst the traditional houses and blossoms.  Pity it looked as if it hadn’t moved for months.


Only 500m up the road was the famous ‘Ginkakuji’ temple also known as the ‘silver pavilion’.


Ashikaga Yoshimasa comissioned this as his retirement villa, although it was never able to be covered in silver like the ‘golden pavilion’, which was built by his grandfather.


Wandering back down the main street I just wanted to buy all this candy to put on my own shelf.  Japan really does know how to present the most ornate things.


A Hello Kitty shop for the crazy cat lady inside you.


As the sun started going down usually we would be on a bus headed back to Kyoto station and a cold beer but at this time of year Kiyomizudera is lit up.  So off we went to partake in Japan’s 2nd most favourite passtime – standing in a line.

More of the line, illumination and a more of the car stuff next!

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  1. Streeter April 14, 2015 at 7:42 am #

    That evo was there when we went there too!! 🙂

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