Blogroll – Day 8

After a solid few days of cars I wanted a short breather, and what better place to head than Kyoto.  The order of the day was temple hunting.  Something about Kyoto just makes you naturally feel relaxed.  Of course it is cherry blossom time here in Japan and this provided some awesome photo opportunities too.


Wandering the little streets you come across shops of all kinds.  Often the best restaurants are to be found in the alleyways.


Of course no visit to Kyoto would be the same without heading to see Kinkakuji.  Impressive is an understatement!


Omikuji or furtune telling papers are available everywhere, if you land a bad fortune you can tie it onto this rack and all your bad luck will disappear.  If it’s good you hold onto it and reap the rewards.


As luck would have it, I was in Kyoto right when the sakura was at its peak.  I have seen lots of it although there is still something magical about the ‘cotton candy’ appearance the trees take on.


How could I pass up a photo opportunity of kimono too.  It’s awesome to see the younger generation keen to keep tradition alive in Japan.


One place I have never been is Fushimi Inari, orange gates line a path to the top of a temple.  Each gate is donated by a business which is supposed to bring good luck.


After a day relaxing and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of Kyoto I was super happy.  Kyoto must be one of my favourite places to visit and with a hectic shooting schedule a day off was just what the doctor ordered.

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