Blogroll – Day 17

I have been lucky to get into some amazing workshops, and collections throughout my time in Japan and today was a second visit to one of those.  The Nissan DNA museum is an utterly mind blowing collection of the best Nissan has to offer.  It’s like stepping into a real life Gran Turismo garage with all your idols, seeing the real machines right in front of your eyes is a feeling you don’t forget in a hurry.


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Blogroll – Day 16

Another day another photoshoot.  The trip so far was wake, eat, shoot, sleep.  Hey, I am certainly not complaining about it though.  Making new friends, catching up with old friends, and snapping photos of all my favourite cars is my definition of bliss.


This was the car that required a few little additional tweaks before being shot the night before, finally it was ready. Say hello to Minekeru’s Hlloween racing S13.

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Blogroll – Day 13

After a day of cruising around and meeting people, the evening was to consist of the only food you can eat when in in town, and a night meet to kick back and get to know some new friends.  The trip had started off with James drinking in a train station and now we were 800km away grabbing the ‘soul food’ of Hiroshima – Okonomiyaki with the BADQUALITY crew.


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