Blogroll – Day 15

As the train pulled out of Hiroshima station, I was now bound for Tokyo again although one more stopover was on the cards.  I was headed back to Kobe to catch up with a bunch of good sorts who I met just over a year ago.


The sole purpose was to catch up with good friends, some old and some new and in typical Japanese fashion they had all bought their cars out as well.  I couldn’t help but squeeze off a few shots.


All members of the Kobe street crew, this tight knit group of friends has been kicking back together for a long time.  When I visited them last year we hit up this same carpark for a laugh to keep out of the rain.  This year was no different.


The tuning style seems to change a little depending on where you are in Japan.  Here it was all about streetable drift machines as the underground scene here is quite big, not to mention these are some of the kingpins down south.


Mio and Hideyuki were back to catch up.  Such an awesome couple, both rocking their Nascar-inspired Cefiros.


The one resounding thing about the Japanese car fans is that they make sure to show you a good time no matter what.  From out of nowhere canned coffee and energy drinks were appearing and the laughs continued well into the night.


All the cars were amazing and I could have spent ages looking over all the details of the build, although unless we wanted to finish before sunrise it was a quick few snaps here and there.  My flash batteries would only last for so long as well.


At the end of the night the obligatory sticker exchange took place, it is the universal business card of car fans nowadays. There was one more car that came along, although we decided to hold off on shooting it until the following day.  Minus its diffuser and sitting a little higher than normal we thought it would look nicer boned out and with the additional aero.  So for now it was time to get some sleep, and charge the camera batteries.

Tomorrow is another day! (with more photos).

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