Blogroll – Day 16

Another day another photoshoot.  The trip so far was wake, eat, shoot, sleep.  Hey, I am certainly not complaining about it though.  Making new friends, catching up with old friends, and snapping photos of all my favourite cars is my definition of bliss.


This was the car that required a few little additional tweaks before being shot the night before, finally it was ready. Say hello to Minekeru’s Hlloween racing S13.


Without a doubt my favourite car right at the moment.  It looks aggressive, sounds aggressive, and is a pleasure to shoot from every angle you can imagine.  This is no trailer pony either, this S13 wears plenty of battle scars.


Sitting staunch on Megan Racing adjustable suspension, this S13 is utter perfection in my books.  Takashi Mine has taken his impression of what a street drifter should look like and this is the end result.


If you look at all the ‘out of the box’ builds you see around the world many of them indirectly reflect the owners character and this one is no different.  I met Takashi for the first time 2 years ago and since then we have continued to exchange laughs and keep in touch weekly – usually via Facebook, so it’s always good to actually meet up and hang out!


Also along for the day was Takashi’s partner Ayaka, and clearly the drifting theme doesn’t just flow through Takashi’s veins after spotting the little March.  Lowered, pumped, and a spot of camber for good measure, Ayaka has one sweeeet little daily driver!


Cute as a cupcake, and such a sweetie too!  How could I say no to snapping a few photos for her.  After all she did go through all the trouble of making Takashi scrub her car in the dark the night before. ^^

A full post on both these cars is coming later on so keep an eye out for it! A huge thanks to Takashi and Ayaka for getting the cars out and for the incredible hospitality! あやかさん、たかしさんいつもありがとうございます。☆*:.。. o(≧3≦)o .。.:*☆


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