Keeping up appearances

It’s no secret that drift cars and battle scars go hand in hand, although it isn’t too often you come across a grassroots drift weapon that is just so damn clean that you always run a double take as it cruises down the pit lane.  Troy Griffin’s 110 is one of those cars.


The big JZX chassis is no stranger to going sideways, and after owning one of NZ’s sexiest JZX 100s Troy decided he wanted a drift-specific machine to go and have some fun with.


The 110 was imported out of Japan as a stock runner, no sooner did the wheels touch the dock before Troy started ripping it apart.  C’s Garage took care of the amazing rollcage fabrication and it was now beyond the point of no return – time to go drifting.  Keeping the car super clean was high on the agenda though.


Inspiration for the build came courtesy of the Magician 110 in Japan.  Troy is a big fan of that car and loves the way it looks.  I can’t argue with him there.


Taking a walk around the car, there are plenty of little details on this 110 that leave you slightly speechless. No steelies here, immaculate Work Meisters are the order of the day, and the gold trim just adds to the classy nature of the car.


The stance is properly suited to the style of the car. Inspired using NOB spec suspension components mated with some Cusco goodies such as camber plates as well as sway bars, you can be rest assured this beast is set up to stay planted to the pavement when need be, while retaining the control of going deliberately sideways.


It would be hard to tell that Troy hasn’t been behind the wheel of a drift machine for too long. Since participating in the art of drifting, his ability has improved rapidly. You can find Troy at local drift days and events, the feel and atmosphere of grassroots events is what makes them so much fun to attend. No political gimmicks or heavily sponsored drivers around here. Truly gives the aura of what drifting is about. FUN!


With a set of Saito knuckles up front there is plenty of lock to keep the big chassis sideways making smoke.


Up front it’s reliable useable power from the 1JZ.  Greddy intercooler and a custom exhaust setup keep the fantastic engine note, but allow things to sit low.  Putting out roughly 280 horsepower the VVTI 1J makes ample power to slide with.  A good clutch kick and the tyres light up effortlessly.


Although currently their are no massive improvements under the hood, you can definitely tell their is a direction Troy is going for. Utilising a Weld spark plug cover, one of the most well respected JZ chassis drift tuning shops in Japan, the path is clear. We cant wait to see what other JDM inspired aesthetic touches and performance improvements will greet us next time we pop the bonnet.


Recently Troy has linked up with ‘The Breast’ street drift crew out of Kobe, Japan.  It’s cool to have the links between the motherland and little ol NZ.  Perhaps sometime we shall see them over here skidding the 110?


Inside the office is just as clean and well organised as the outside.  White on white with some colour pop really sets things off.  Bride seats coupled up with 4-point harnesses keeps you in place when chucking it into corners.


It’s all in the details…


Like any good drift car, friends adorn the windows and panels.


After a day of drifting, and shenanigans we rolled the car out on track once the day was done to grab a few shots.  It’s hard to resist as a photographer to not grab opportunities when they arise.  After all I have only been trying to grab some photos of this car for roughly two years…


So just before we lost light finally I can tick this one off the list.  Kudos to Troy for such a clean build, and a big thanks for the ride alongs too.  There really is nothing like the smell of tyre smoke in the morning….and evening for that matter!

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