Blogroll – Day 19

After the glisten and shine of McLaren, I had now gone to the other end of the automotive spectrum -dirt, stones, grit and punishment.  I ventured over to Subaru Mitaka on the outskirts of Shinjuku where a small collection of WRC cars were sitting.  Rally is my true love and any chance to photograph a rally car and I am there, especially when it is a genuine McRae car.


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Blogroll – Day 18

There is no better feeling than walking into a Louis Vuitton shop wearing some jeans, driving boots, and a hoodie.  The looks that are fired at you from across the counter by the plastic-looking staff are priceless.  Quite frankly the sooner you are out of their shop and stop lowering the standards of the place the better.  I was a little concerned about that happening today as I strolled in the front doors of McLaren Tokyo. However quickly my fears were quashed and despite just being a nosey Kiwi they didn’t mind at all.


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