Blogroll – Day 20

While cruising around Tokyo after hitting Subaru, my good buddies Sky Zhao, Ben, and Bryce were landing at Narita airport.  It’s not often a bunch of Kiwis get to go out and cause a ruckus in J-land so we met up for a late night trip out to RWB.

As it happened Sky and the lads were headed for Ebisu the following morning, so with about 6 hours left before we needed to wake up, it was decided to make a day-trip up and have some fun.


This is the entrance to drifting heaven, with some wild animals thrown in for good measure.


We were here as Sky was coaching Ben on how to drift.  Ben had never really done much more than ‘ripping a skid’, so starting with a clean slate Sky would show him the ropes.  Ebisu might seem like a slight overkill for a first time drifter but with everything from skid pads to the north course, Ebisu is the ideal place to learn the art of automobile ballet.


After a bit of time on the skid pad getting used to the car, then graduating up to figure 8s, Ben was out on a real circuit (North course) to try and initiate into the first corner and then slide out of it.  A few off track excursions and the results started to come!


Out on course at the same time were some UK lads who were doing 360 entries into the first corner.  Balls to the wall and right at the end they nailed it, 360 on the straight, get the nose pointing the right way another clutch kick and then drift the first corner.  Epic!


While tyres were being fitted up, I decided to take a walk to the carparks that are dotted around the compound.  Eerie silence, and bruised drift cars all sitting in rows.  It was like something out of a horror movie where someone with a Jason mask, knife and probably a fistful of zipties chases you around.  More on the carparks of Ebisu coming later!


After a bit more practice and shredded tyres, there was one place I wanted to take a trip to – Minami.  With not a soul around, standing on the pit wall just soaking in the atmosphere was incredible.  This is properly hallowed ground, and to be able to sit there in total silence was a stark contrast to Minami on a matsuri night!


So with the temp dropping further and further it was time to park the cars, cover them up and then set sail for the hotel to warm up!  Big thanks to Sky, Ben and Bryce for the hospitality! Also a big thanks to my fellow photographer and partner in crime Jamie for heading up to Ebisu for the day with me!


There was however one final mission.  It’s not everyday that I can go for a walk around Minami so while down there I had to grab myself a quick panorama.  This picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless.

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