Southern Cross – RWB Australia #1 Day Three

As we strolled into the workshop this morning there was a slightly different aura in the air, it was a bittersweet moment.  Today the RWB Australia build was to come to a conclusion, it wouldn’t be long and the southern hemisphere would finally have it’s very own RWB.


Day three was all about the little finishing touches on the car.  Although minor, many of them were what the photographers had all been waiting for.


The first to go on was the front rubber lip.  Scraping along seemingly just above the ground, the RAUH-Welt Porsches always look so incredibly low.  By adding a small rubber trim the bottom of the front lip, the front of the car can sit a little higher while giving the impression of scraping cateye reflectors off the road.


Tow hooks, wing mirror bases and other small parts were all given the spraycan treatment by Nakai-san, as every part was hung off any available space to dry, the master moved on to the next task.


For Nakai-san, with the majority of work behind him, it was not as frantic as the previous two days. Sitting back being able to admire his work rather than analyse it must have been a good feeling.


Chern’s very talented wife Yori-san had also created some commemorative t-shirts for the build.  Little touches like this are fantastic and anyone who was there won’t be forgetting the experience any time soon.


One of the touches on this (particular) RWB that I especially liked, was Chern’s decision to go with the shark fins on the rear fenders. After cutting out the tops of the guards, 3M’s™ newest masking-tape mascot traced out the mesh that was to go in the cutout, and then glued it in.


As the famous ‘Secondary Development’ stencil was masked to the front of the car, the 911 was ready to get all its unique RWB ‘brandings’. These come courtesy of spraycans and vinyl, rather than a scalding hot iron.


Finally with all the last pieces added there was only a couple more things to do…


The more this car had come together, the more I was loving the colour combination.  Pink, silver, and gold just go so well together.


After spraying applicator onto the rear bootlid, he quickly lined up the sticker by eye, and as always it was as straight as a dime.


When you were a kid, do you remember the excitement that instantly overcame you as soon as you heard the ice-cream truck coming music blaring from the roof?  Nakai-san shaking his white can of spray paint had the same effect on anyone who happened to have a camera!


The completed Work M1s ready to be fitted up, with the iconic Idlers stencil painted on the side, Idlers is the series that most of the RWB Porsches race in at Tsukuba, and Motegi.


Bao Tran was hard at work capturing every step of the process in stunning 4K quality.  Capturing moments in photos is great, but being able to watch the build in fluid motion will be something you won’t want to miss!


After the Work wheels were fitted there was only one thing left to go.  The final fitting of the golden RAUH-Welt window banner was the final piece of the puzzle.  A massive round of applause erupted from the workshop, RWB Australia #1 was complete!  After Chern thanked everyone who had helped on the project there was only one thing left to do…grab dinner.

As I was on a plane the following morning at 9am, I decided to remain behind with Lawrence & Alvin to get some additional shots in.  For the first time in 3 days the workshop was eerily silent, now I could sit back and take a couple of minutes to just admire the car in it’s finished form before getting back to work.

It had been 3 long days in the workshop yet already it had drawn to a close.  What an experience it had been, watching one of the world’s most talented automotive artists work from start to finish.  A huge thanks to Chern & Yori for inviting me over to be a part of this amazing experience.  Ray and Alvin at Auto Racing Technik for their kind hospitality, and amazing early morning shuttle service. Christian for some great laughs, and keeping the choir upbeat. #keepingitpositive.  All the media people who were there, you were all awesome and anyone else who was there and hung out too.  Last but certainly not least – Nakai-san, it is always a pleasure to spend time with you and share a laugh or two.  There are not too many individuals who have the power, passion, and influence to unite people from across the world through one common medium.  Nakai-san is someone who can do exactly that effortlessly.

In the next installment, the finished product.  Stay tuned

Additional Snaps


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