Southern Cross – RWB Australia #1 Day Two

As the sun crept in through the windows again early Friday morning, it was time to make my way back towards Auto Racing Technik.  En-route I had been stopping off at this amazing little Greek breakfast cafe, bright smiles, and fantastic coffee meant every day started off just perfectly.


Once the caffeine was flowing through our veins we were able to get to work.  Walking in this morning was unusual as visually we were greeted by what appeared to be a rather complete RWB.  Initial progress was quick, but now the fine tuning would take this Porsche from pretty to perfect.


The first order of the day was installing the ‘hakama’ side skirts.  This is a Japanese-inspired infusion that Nakai-san has put into the RWB kit, and is a traditional form of clothing originally worn by Japanese males.


As things came together more and more, a few started to banter around the possibility of this RWB being a tribute to the 917 ‘Pink Pig’ that hit LeMans in 1970.  Not quite the case, it’s a nice unintentional link, and after Chern showed Nakai-san 3 colour options, this was the colour the master decided upon.


Chern owns a track bike in a very very similar pink, he left his trusty steed with the good people at Polo body works for a few weeks and the Dulux guys came up with the colour concoction.    What the photos aren’t able to show is that the paint has a beautiful sparkle to it, so just wait until it is out and under the bright sunlight…


After the ‘hakama’ were fitted up and the kit was strengthened with a couple of supports in crucial areas it was time for the stunning Work M1 wheels to come off again.  Nakai-san was happy now with how the kit fitted.  ‘Previously it was sitting a bit twisted but you expect that with every build, they all require fine tuning’.  Now if you ever needed evidence that every RWB is a one off, there is your proof right there!


As the build progressed there was a bundle of additional people present, already the RWB family was growing.  Chern, Christian, Yori, Ray, Alvin, Bao, Lawrence, Raymond, Jasmine, and I had only met a day prior yet it sure didn’t feel like it.  When you sit back and realise that through the work of one person, thousands of people around the world have been united because of one common passion.  I guess in many instances that bond that surrounds the ‘RWB family’ is unbreakable, or as Christian’s suitcase explains it ‘unfuckwithable’.


Next up was to give the the back of the car more ‘oomph’, the boot needed to be fitted and the banana wing was set to be rigged up.


As more and more parts were added to the build, the car gained a more agressive stance.  Starting out as a mere meek and mild pink 911, it had now taken on a whole new personality.  No longer the little fox terrier, but more of a pitbull terrier.



While the Energizer bunny cranks along on Energizer batteries, Nakai-san cranks along on passion, inspiration, Winston tobacco, and a damn good latte.  Sleep is something he isn’t familiar with these days, yet the entire car and kit is cut and sanded back using only his keen eye and a spot of masking tape.  Still perfect everytime.


All the major panels of the kit were now permanently fastened to the car.  Nakai-san was happy with how everything sat, lined up and looked on the 911.  Another quick check of the fitment and he would start to add a little contrast to the car.


With a lot of pink, the black silicone was now added to the joins of the bodywork.  From a visual standpoint you might think a few little ‘black lines’ won’t do much for the appearance.


The lines give you a real perspective of where the kit starts and finishes.  Everytime I watch Nakai-san apply the trim, as he peels off the masking tape it is another ‘wow’ moment.  Not only does it look perfect every time but it is now blatantly obvious just how much wider this Porsche has become.




After the rear fenders had their trim finished up it was back to the sofa for another spot of observing.  I am pretty certain that every single person present was awestruck with the transformation Chern’s 911 had gone through.


I have always thought of Nakai-san as a true artist of the automotive world.  These Porsche’s aren’t just a product of some sketching and bantering ideas around over a few beers.   Behind this name there is no mass production, no corporate fronting, and RWB hasn’t and never will become ‘run of the mill’.  In today’s very impersonal world, Nakai-san takes his paintbrush of inspiration, dips it in his own soul and paints a piece of himself into each and every RWB.

All that was left now was for those final brush strokes to be added, tomorrow this 911’s transformation would be complete.  Myself and everyone else present was itching to see the car lowered off the jack for the final time.  Check back soon for the 3rd day of RWB Australia #1.

Additional Snaps


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