Rural roads, roostertails, and rotaries.

The other week I went out and stood in long grass in the middle of nowhere and got showered with gravel, all in the name of ‘fun’.  I was out to shoot a bit of rallying purely for myself, and I had a blast.  In amongst the field, there was one car that left me with a smile from ear to ear and I had to grab a few more photos of it.


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Gladiators of the gravel

From the outside looking in, rally drivers can appear totally unhinged, yet stupidly skilful and under normal circumstances rally cars all appear to be driven by lunatics.  Taking a production car with long-travel suspension, a rollcage, an intercom and then flying down narrow slippery gravel roads at breakneck speeds isn’t for the faint of heart.  Yet amongst the madness there is a sense of total grace, and tranquility, almost like ballet on gravel.


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Normal is overrated – Kawashima Cappucino

The distance between insanity and genius is a line that is blurry in Kawashima-san’s world. His creations spit in the face of practicality, in fact insanity doesn’t just flow through his veins it practically surges. While his infamous oni-camber Celica was off the road being built, he decided that a daily driver was required; the result however wasn’t quite what many were expecting.


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