Guide to girlhunting at TAS for beginners

In 2012 I attended the incredible spectacle that is Tokyo Auto Salon, however I had managed to secure most of my shots by the time Saturday lunchtime rolled around.  I wanted something else, a post for something a little different.  As someone who supplies magazines with media, there is one part of TAS that really gets under your skin.  This is the fanatics that the racequeens attract.  Now everyone loves a nice photo of a beautiful female alongside a car, but Tokyo Auto Salon attracts next level fans…I decided to observe and learn the art of taking the perfect racequeen photo from the experts themselves.  So ladies and gentlemen here is the TAS guide to that perfect racequeen photo.


Initially the halls are barren, only cars to snap.  This is the calm before the storm.


Usually the racequeens start appearing after lunchtime on Friday.  Until then our only option is to take photos of cars.  *boring*


With a girl to car ratio of roughly 1:1 there is plenty of racequeens around which means…


There is plenty of experienced racequeen hunters waiting upstairs.  After 11am the floodgates open.  ‘Girls girls girls girls girls…’


The racequeen hunters then seek out a prime spot to shoot from. Usually any square inch of carpet that is available.  Kind of like big game hunting you need a good vantage point, and standing your ground appears to be a key aspect in securing the shot.


You need to be flexible to get all those ‘hard to reach angles’.


If you didn’t happen to bring your 400mm lens no worries!  Just get in extra close for those ‘detail’ shots.


Here we see a true veteran in his natural environment.  There is a range of different attire and I was clearly under-dressed.  The less of your face that is showing, the more professional you are I am guessing.


Next we move onto gear.  I was decked out with a Canon 7D and 70-200mm lens.  There is no one true type of camera nor lens for the job.


I guess if you want true clarity then a SLR body would be recommended. The bigger the lens the better.


Although a true master knows that any serious photographer attends an event with an iPad.  *reach*


Live view screens appear to be a must to ensure you have the right angle…


I always thought you were meant to capture the cute face, but clearly the experts have proven that I have been doing it wrong all along.  A nicely captured….armpit is what you really want.


If you can’t land the armpit shot you were always after, then you can always settle for a group shot…


Now that we have covered attire, shooting angles, gear, and the general environment all that is left it to go out there and nail the shot.  This can be done with either still camera, or video.


Jostling into the mix to get the right angle requires the upmost patience at times.  Although as they say.  All good things take time.


But landing that one specific ‘keeper’ shot makes it a true Kodak moment, or Fuji, or whatever camera you are using…


*jump and click, jump and click*

So there we have it people.  Now you too can be an expert girlhunter.  So grab that iPad, face mask, and sunglasses and start shooting!

Bonus how-to photos



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