Chigiri – the human element

Life at times is very impersonal.  Scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feeds consists 90% of cars, it feels like we are starting to forget the human element when it comes to photographing the car scene.  We always talk about the people behind the builds…why not the people in front of the builds? The machinery is a by-product of people not the other way around.

This post is dedicated to the human element of ‘Chigiri’. It shows the experiences and the people Nakai-san brought together in Melbourne to make for an unforgettable experience.

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It was a coming together of old friends, and a chance to make new friends.  The RWB family continues to grow with each and every build, a group of people connected via a common love for craftsmanship with soul.  A huge shoutout to Charles, Chern, Ray and all the RWB Australia family I want to say a huge thank-you for your warm hospitality.  We will see each other again soon!

‘Chigiri’ – The promise.

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