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I have always been much more interested in taking photos, rather than writing and blogging. Although this year I have decided to be more active in actually doing something with the photos I take, not just jamming them onto a hard drive and forgetting about them.

When I heard that my buddy Jaron Olivecrona was running a grassroots drift day in the summer sun this weekend just gone I grabbed the trusty camera and headed off.  Usually a lot of my shooting isn’t for myself, so this was the perfect event to do exactly that.

We have all heard of the ‘keep drifting fun’, well it certainly applies to taking photos too.  We can all too easily get bogged down with shoots that are of a more commercial nature, but photographers need to be able to just take photos for the sake of having a bit of fun as well.

The day was run by Jaron and his father Kester, who are changing the drifting scene in NZ this year with a S14 V12 drift machine.

The car has loads of pace, and sounds insane.  D1NZ has round 1 this coming weekend so look out for more photos of this beast in an upcoming post, as well as a couple of artsy ones I am editing at the moment.  The engine in this is nothing short of a work of art!

Twenty minute sessions for each class meant heaps of track time, and kept the cars that appeared in front of my lens ticking over nicely too.

It has been a while since I shot drifting on a regular basis, so the panning thing was taking a while to get used to again especially at the lower shutter speeds.

One of the coolest things about the sport is that it knows no boundaries.  One of the drivers out shredding uses a wheelchair in daily life, but has adapted this 86 to be all hand operated.  Very cool!

It was refreshing to be able to pick a spot and just shoot car after car, without worrying about ensuring I had enough shots from each point, then making it back into the pits for pitwalk, then getting this shot and that shot blah blah blah.

If anything the day served as a perfect excuse to not spend the weekend in front of a screen, and meeting up with a bunch of other photographers and having a laugh is the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

So roll on Saturday, and the first round of D1NZ, where despite working, I will certainly be aiming to keep photography fun!

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