Jambo 2018

A weekend out shooting is always a good weekend (as long as it doesn’t pelt down with rain).  Last weekend the 4&Rotary Promotions Jamboree was held on my doorstep literally and I was on duty covering things for NZPC & TimeattackR.

An open circuit, what more could the drivers want? A solid two-hour session was on offer for entrants to literally just log cruising laps of Manfeild.  Perfect!

With a vast array of cars, everything from 1200 horsepower R35s, to pulsing rotaries – the smell of premix was strong on this morning.

After the cruising session was done, it was time for the drifters to head out on track and toast their tyres.  New Zealand has an insane obsession with rotaries and as a result of that, some of the coolest rotor-powered cars reside downunder.

One fantastic example is this show-stopper.  Tubbed, classic, and with a angry tang to the exhaust note I couldn’t help but grab a few shots and just drooooool over this one.

It just looks so good from all angles!

A burnout pad outside was in full swing, most of the fans there were taking on a healthy dose of tyre smoke but the sound of a rotary on song, frying the rear tyres was enough to bring a smile to even my inner bogan.

Rotaries rotaries everywhere!

On the way back towards the track I spied Vinnie’s angry R35. I will be shooting this 1000+hp beast very soon so stay tuned for more on this R35.

One of the main reasons for my visit that day was to shoot a bit of the Superlap series which effectively time attack racing.  The rear-engined Nissan March was out on track throughout the day.  This thing is properly bonkers.

I was shooting three cars in particular for Rene who runs a website TimeAttackR for all things time attack in New Zealand.  Click on the link and check it out! Also they have a Facebook page too!

Kat Benson pictured here in her Evo was in fine form setting a new PB on her first lap.

Another car I was following around was the MSport S14.  Big aero and big wheels make it a looker.

The last time I shot time attack racing was at Tsukuba Circuit, so it was nice to be chasing something other than drifting for once!

The final car I was following was the 666 Racing Evo driven by a good friend of mine – Tony Satherly.  With 600kW under the bonnet, and at his own home track he managed to nail a PB himself.  2.3 seconds quicker around the track than he has ever been in this car, and there is more left in it too he feels.

There is something about time attack cars that has me properly hooked, crazy wings, sharp angles, and big chops on the chassis makes these cars pure weapons.

After the on track action had taken place, I took one more walk around where I spotted Vick Bhatti’s crazy Liberty Walk R35 laid out in behind the pit garages sporting a new livery.  Airforce inspired wrap on a Liberty Walk kit just looks so so good too.

As a bit of a teaser this is all I can post for now, the majority of the media will be out on shelves in the next issue of NZPC magazine and also don’t forget to head over to TimeAttackR to see a few more of the Superlap media.

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