Five13 Fab x R’s Garage F20C AE

When I was down at Hardpark 2019 my attention was stolen by two cars, one of them I featured briefly in the last blog, and this is the second one. James Blance is no stranger to building cars, but this one has really ticked all my boxes!

First of all she’s a total looker! You can’t go past those Work equip 40 15×9.5 fronts and 15×11 -31 rear wheels all wrapped in sticky AVON rubber. Yup you guessed it, this isn’t just running race rubber to look pretty. This AE is an endurance race car.

It started out life as an AE85 Japanese-new, automatic in red. James bought it as a non-runner, but it was a beautiful car and James is really doing it justice the second time around.

As you can see, there is some serious fab going on here. James entrusted this to the skilled hands of Bruce at Five13 Fab, he is also responsible for the gorgeous work on Ruben’s Impreza which I shot at the same time. The detail on this car is incredible, and is a true testament to James and Bruce who have ensured that nothing is skimped on.

The spec list on this is nothing short of impressive, a Tilton pedal box, Woodward V8 Supercar steering column, Speedway engineering quick-change, and some serious cutting and modification. In the rear is a Watts 4 link rear suspension with aviation grade aluminium arms and one-off billet components.

As you can see, that is indeed a custom stainless side exit exhaust that runs through the car and out the rear quarter. Although the real party is up front in the engine bay…

The F20C comes complete with a custom stanless equal length/volume headers with a magnesium V12 Ferrari 550 throttle body. The firewall was cut out of the car so the front of the f20c sits 50mm behind the back of where the original 4AG was.

There is a hoard of other amazing specs in this build including a carbon roof, chromoly roll cage, Run Free skirts, and plenty of gorgeous hand crafted elements. It looks gorgeous already, so I can’t wait to see what it looks like once finished up!

If you want a look at the process of the build jump on Instagram and head over to James account here: Clicky clicky

For those who are on their phone reading this then just search up @blanceiaga for more on this one! I look foward to bringing you more photos upon completion!

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