Last weekend I saddled up and headed down to Wellington to attend the annual Hardpark event, soak in some sun and catch up with his humbleness Reuben Bemrose. Those of you who are not familiar with Reuben damn well should be. Aside from being a total legend he has built possibly the world’s most insane Impreza wagon.

I am not much of a spec geek so can’t tell you much apart from it has a 2J up front, with one heck of a snail bolted to it. The chassis has been on an insane diet, and this monster is going to be pumping out insane power once she is full of fluids and a nice tune.

I shot this beast seven years ago while it was in the middle of fabrication so to catch up with Reuben and the Impreza again was a blast. I can’t say enough good things about this car so until I shoot it properly here is a few snaps of it for you to drool over.

Excited to see this one buttoned up, and running in the near future. Will bring you more as soon as I have had the chance to snap it again properly. Ohh…also that gorgeous little AE will be getting a wee spread also, James Blance is building possibly NZ’s best-looking endurance race car ever! More coming soon!

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