Superstock teams racing

Kiwis have always had a very close affinity with dirt track oval racing, and in particular the superstock class. A full-contact form of motorsport that is full of tactics, strategies, and action to keep the crowd on the edge of their seat.

Every year provincial teams gather together in Palmerston North to race for the title of Superstock Teams champions. Within a team are ‘blockers’ and ‘runners’ and the aim is to physically eliminate the other team by any means possible. Points are awarded to finishers and the team with the most points wins the race and progresses on to the following round.

I have always had a soft spot for the throaty rumble of a superstock engine note. Let’s face it, this is Nascar but with only crashes and a bit of racing in between. What isn’t to love!? Last weekend the teams event for 2019 was held, and I couldn’t resist heading down to scrutineering to check things out and grab a few pics.

4V is run by Chad Ace, and is always superbly presented!

Now as photos don’t do this sport justice, here is a small taste of what Teams Champs racing is all about for anyone outside NZ and the UK…

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