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At the end of 2018 I shot an old apple hauler that had been given a second lease on life for NZV8 magazine. This was my favourite shoot of 2018 and just screamed ‘badass’ on so many levels. So for that reason I asked the editor if I could throw some images into a blog and share them with you all.

I am a huge sucker for old-school subjects, and if it includes racecars with big wings, engines, and slicks then it is signed, sealed, delivered. While planning out the shoot I was trying to work out a backdrop and reached out to my buddy Richard Opie. He totally skipped the initial question and merely told me that I had to do one thing – rolling shots! Now nothing beats a good rolling shot and I have done them with plenty of sacked, wide-aero, shiny Japanese cars but a 60s’ Morris truck?

He wasn’t wrong either! This was the final shot we did right before heading home. Initially I just edited it up and stared at it for a while as it isn’t exactly your typical subject for a rolling shot. It didn’t take long before it grew on me and I had to fire the photo through to Richard and thank him for floating the idea.

Now this is certainly a one of a kind subject (which made it even more appealing) and isn’t exactly what many people would use to haul race cars around these days. The Morris certainly harks back to when the race transporters were as beautiful as the race cars.

The old Morris powerplant in this hauler has long gone, and has been replaced by a LS-1 out of a Holden Maloo ute. A 4-speed box shifts the gears and the cab even has a stereo hidden away. While the truck has some very cool modern tech installed into it, the thing that makes it so darn cool is that it looks so period correct until you get under the skin.

This truck has had a TOTAL strip down and refurbish, everything has been basically rebuilt, or scratchbuilt and it is effectively a brand new truck. As we headed out of Tim’s driveway and onto the main road, I had to give my Mazda Wagon a bootful just to keep up him.

Then cruising through town people just straight out stopped and stared, many with mouths hanging open. If you thought driving through town in a Ferrari F40 got you looks, then you need to cruise town in this!

The beautiful Winfield gold paint on the truck matches the original Begg F5000 race car. Although designed to haul the Begg, it also carries Tim’s other family race cars which consist of a Can-Am car, and a McLaren F5000.

The office of the 1970 Begg FM4 Formula 5000, providing a physical workout of the best kind.

So there it is folks, I have splashed a couple of images here and there previously, but have been itching to share a bit more of this with you all. I love shooting things that are bit different, and a little out of the box. The Morris certainly ticks all my boxes and is a standout in the pit paddock!

If you are keen to see more then make sure to grab a copy of this issue from Magstore then head over to the NZV8 Facebook page for more V8 builds just like this one!

Additional images

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