CARnival 2k19

Ol mate Guy Maxwell and the Choice Promotions team down here in Nuu Zulund throw some of the biggest car meets in the country. Last weekend was the three day long ‘CARnival’ at Bruce McLaren Motorsports Park which was crammed full of crusing, drifting, a burnout comp and drags.

I had been tasked along with my good friend and fellow photographer Danny Wood to shoot four cars for print. The 3am wake-up to jump in the car and head north was savage, but upon arrival at the track with a hot coffee in hand and the smell of premix lingering in the air was the perfect start to the morning.

Surprisingly there was a crap tonne of rotary stuff in the paddock, which makes me verrrrrry happy. As a rotary owner I am slightly bias but was gutted that I had no time to just roam the pits and capture heaps of braap braap for you all!

It was 8:30 and I was already one shoot down after capturing Tim Johnson’s crazy 323 skid wagon, and it was already time to move onto the next shoot. Keep your eyes peeled in future issues of NZPC for all the static shoots from the day, for now I will keep all the images under wraps. No teasers!

One great thing about CARnival was the cruise sessions, plenty of cars out on track and if the premix smell was strong before, it REALLY hung in the air now.

On my way back from shooting a red RX7 FD3S drift car I found myself on the outer boundary of the track. This was a perfect chance to snag some images prior to chasing down the third car I had to capture. The drag racing that was happening on the drag strip required a lap of the track to come back to the pits as there is no return road.

The photographer curse meant I couldn’t just sit around and spectate, I was busy snapping away.

It has been a long time since I saw this many rotaries all in one place outside of Japan. One thing I am really looking forward to is REunion, run by the same people it is a rotary-specific event in January with 400 cars and not a single piston engine in sight.

As soon as the drags finished up it was time to turn my attention to the skidpad and watch my first shoot of the day fry a set of tyres. The rotary 323 wagon is well known for going full savage, it might look meek and mild but don’t let looks fool you.

I had to snap my photos early as a 360 entry into the pad soon turned into a smokescreen while Tim just held the throttle wide open.

Once the smoke cleared, and the last shoot of the day was done I had a quick chance to look over a car I have been wanting to see for ages. Steve Ellicott’s LOROTA is one heck of a good looker, and I jumped at the chance to snag a few photos before packing the camera away and heading for home.

With my 4 shoots in the bag, and rather frozen hands I beat a hasty retreat for home. A big thanks to the Choice Promotions team for putting on an epic event, and after seeing so many doritos, I am now properly excited for REunion!

Additional images

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