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As far as the last 12 months go it has been one heck of an adventure. The best and worst year all rolled into one. My wife and I welcomed our gorgeous twin girls into the world, and we also learned what ‘working from home’ truly encompassed. Down here in New Zealand we are so incredibly fortunate, it is now summer and the whole ‘C’ word situation is less impactful than ever compared to before (for my northern hemisphere readers I truly feel for you as I know it is quite different for you all).

The start of 2020 kicked off as per normal, plenty of events and things to see, although that soon ground to a halt so we will cruise through a few photos that I managed to snap again this year in no particular order.

I have predominantly focused my work this year on print media again. As always a huge thanks to the teams at the magazines who I work alongside with. Without you contracting me on the camera would rarely leave the bag.

This year had me venturing more towards classic and motorsport than my traditional JDM tuning style of work. For me, motorsport has always been my favourite subject and if it has wild aero, and a crazy growl under throttle then even better.

I managed to tick off one thing I had been meaning to do for years, and that was to attend REunion. Held at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park, if it had a rotary in it, then it was there. The smell of premix and ear-bleedingly loud doritos was a really good day out. Huge shoutout to Guy Maxwell, and Danny Wood for finally getting me there!

Getting to see Aidan Barrett’s GT300 in the updated livery was superb too. No matter how many photos I take of this car, I can always take about 300 more and feel like I don’t have enough!

I also fulfilled a very long wish, and that was to ride shotgun in a top tier jetsprint Superboat. This one piloted by Reuben Hoeksema sports a 2JZ and pumps out insane boost. 0-100 in 3 seconds, and 5G cornering…ummm yes please!

Strapped into the boat in a lay-back position so tightly you can’t move anything other than your arms, while the methanol-drinking 2JZ spools up and comes on boost is truly mind-bending. How these guys drive these in anger I have no idea.

I also had another chance to enjoy the sight and sound that is Formula 5000. Probably one of my favourite classes in New Zealand to shoot, these things are a photographers dream.

Big wings, big rubber, and big noise. A real tribute to the old days of motorsport.

My print media work this year was a bit thin due to the ol Covid situation, and also being a new dad. I have however managed to sneak in a few shoots of static stuff, and once again there were some firsts. I had never shot a mini-truck before until this V8-powered Courier showed up.

Ferrari was scrolling Instagram and spat their pasta across the table when Reuben Bemrose graced their screen. His wild Rotari certainly did the laps of the interwebs, winding up the purists and earning him praise from everyone else. He is still however 5/8’s of f all…

This has ultimately been proven to be the best street shark around, and is perfect for a quick dash to the shops for milk too.

I enjoyed a little bit of Americana as well this year. I have never been up close with a true-blue Nascar and well, this year I got two in one hit. Paul Dewar imported these beauties from the States and enjoys a bit of a thrash around in them on sunny weekends. Also yes that is a genuine Logano #22 machine.

This little VW graced the pages of NZ Performance Car magazine too, a hidden gem that came around by pure chance while talking to my cousin. Details were swapped and a shoot was organised. A slight increase in power and spec for this one…

There has also been a few bits and pieces here and there, rather than working the New Zealand Grand Prix TRS event, I merely went along as a spectator. Of course a few photos were taken to scratch the itch so to speak.

I also had to snag a few shots of this engine bay after the Hartley V12 went twin turbo…

So that is basically what I got up to with the camera this year. Except during lockdown when we were actually confined to our homes.

A bit of time was spent hidden away in the spare room building race cars, just 24 times smaller than the real deal. The perfect hobby for me when I couldn’t shoot photos of the real things!

My final shoot of 2020 just happened to be my favourite shoot of the year. Anyone who knows me, will know very well that I am a sucker for rally cars and so I sign off on this shoot.

The Carteroni 037 Group B rally car. The full story is due out in print on January 15 so make sure to grab a copy of NZ Classic Car to see this and more 037 goodness.

There are so many images of these in tarmac trim, so when I arrived at the workshop and spotted gravel tyres on the car I was more than happy. It was my final shoot of 2020, and seemingly the perfect way to sign off.

We will see what 2021 brings, already there is a few shoots lined up which I am excited about, so will bring you those in due course. Thanks to everyone who dropped a like, comment, or spun a yarn with me at the events I went along to. See you in 2021!

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