Back on the gear

It might already be February, and I am late to the posting party but better late than never right? Welcome to the first post of 2021, but certainly not the last.

I wanted to kick this year off with a bang, and that certainly happened when I opened my DM’s recently. Sitting there was a request from Europe asking for ‘a couple of Ford’s to be photographed together’. It would be the following sentence that would grab my attention which included one simple word – ‘Zakspeed’.

Many motorsport fans will have heard of this iconic name hailing from Niederzissen in Germany. It isn’t everyday a request such as this comes though, so it didn’t take me long to jump at it.

The Capri and Escot were doing demonstration laps and on static display at the Taupo Historic Grand Prix. The organisers very graciously allowed me some time at the end of the day to utilise the track for a quick bunch of static, and rolling shots. It was a true ‘pinch me I must be dreaming’ moment as both cars idled along the pitlane and out onto the front straight.

I had a few minutes with each car to grab a couple of different angles, making sure to get through the checklist of what I needed. I had to ensure I kept moving as it was too easy to sit back and admire the view. How good is that front profile on the Capri?!

Next up was the Escort piloted by Hans Heyer in the glory days of DRM. This was the second time I had photograpahed this car, and was a pleasure to snap it again! Taupo certainly made for a perfect backdrop as well.

As the sun dropped and shadows started getting longer it was time to head out for a few laps and rolling shots. This is what photographers dream of, a whole racetrack to ourselves, and two iconic race cars – it simply doesn’t get any better (well for me anyway). I usually like to drop my shutter down to 1/40 for hand-held rollers for that buttery blur. Although with a ‘one chance to get her done’ situation, I doubled up and kicked off at 1/80 to ensure I came away with a good selection of keepers.

After a couple of laps with each car individually, the final challenge was to do the same with them together. A big thanks to the crew who assisted in pushing, and driving the cars for the shoot.

Keep an eye on the page for some more images of these two beauties at a later date!

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