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Trendsetting – TRA-Kyoto S30

Kei Miura is a leader and leaders always get heat.  They’re always going against the grain, Nakai-san takes heat, Kato-san takes heat, every great artist takes heat.  Heat means they are doing something right.  Anarchists have always taken the path less travelled and ultimately by listening to the voices of passion and ignoring those on social media we have bonkers creations such as the TRA-Kyoto S30Z.

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Simple beauty – Chigiri part 4

After removing the window banner from another successful build, the one question hanging in the air was what the 993 would be named.  Without pressing Nakai-san, we knew that the right time would come and he would decide on the name when he felt it was the right time. There was one last thing to do as a group, and that was to head for a celebratory dinner.  Feeling full and very content, it was back to the workshop for a brief stop before bed time for most.

As Nakai-san and everyone else departed the workshop, the freshly completed RWB sat quietly in the workshop, so I seized the chance to take a few shots before the public meet and greet the following day.  Ladies and gentleman I present you with Australia’s latest RWB.

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Simple beauty – Chigiri part 3

One of my favourite things about reading a book rather than watching a movie is that the visual story I form in my mind is my own version, individual and unlike anyone else’s.  By only writing the time that I took each photo in these posts, I am hoping you too will form your own visual story of the birth of ‘Chigiri’.  It truly was a different experience for every person who attended.  Enjoy the final build chapter of Australia’s first 993.

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19 August – 9:56pm


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Simple beauty – Chigiri part 2

‘When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes.  When you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their soul’.  For those who have witnessed the art of RWB in person, one thing resounds with everyone.  The cars are beautiful creations, yet it is the man behind the name who captures the hearts and minds of people.  Welcome to part 2 of simple beauty – the birth of ‘Chigiri’.

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August 19, 2016 – 12:14pm


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Simple beauty – Chigiri

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature onto his canvas.  The bright vivid colours of the world today can sometimes mask simplistic beauty.  To tone back the vivid colour can allow our eyes to appreciate things in the purest form.

On my second visit to RAUH-Welt Begriff while sitting down with Nakai-san he lit up a cigarette, turned to me and said ‘sometimes we need to peel away the layers, and appreciate the true beauty that lurks beneath, but is right in front of our own eyes’.  As he stood up, stubbed his cigarette out, and walked back to work, I remember being a little taken back, yet this chance moment I had with him has remained with me ever since.  In honour of that moment, this blogpost is about toning back the colour, removing the distracting chatter in order to show you the birth of ‘Chigiri’ – Australia’s first 993.

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Southern Cross – The finished product

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you RWB Australia #1 – ‘Southern Cross’.  Without a doubt, another stunning creation by Nakai-san.  I have lost track of how many RWB Porsches I have seen in real life, but one thing I will admit is that this ranks right up there with my all time favourites.


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Southern Cross – RWB Australia #1 Day Three

As we strolled into the workshop this morning there was a slightly different aura in the air, it was a bittersweet moment.  Today the RWB Australia build was to come to a conclusion, it wouldn’t be long and the southern hemisphere would finally have it’s very own RWB.


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Southern Cross – RWB Australia #1 Day Two

As the sun crept in through the windows again early Friday morning, it was time to make my way back towards Auto Racing Technik.  En-route I had been stopping off at this amazing little Greek breakfast cafe, bright smiles, and fantastic coffee meant every day started off just perfectly.


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