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When the memories hit you

For any car enthusiast, Japan is a concentrated automotive pressure cooker that infuses flavour, class, and creativity into some of the tastiest car culture you can wrap your chops around.

Upon embarking on my overseas experience, I found myself on a little single carriageway cruising through the middle of nowhere in Chiba. Initially the lack of civilisation concerned me, but soon after a grey workshop packed with RX7s distracted my attention. I found myself to be living a stone’s throw from the workshop of RE Amemiya. Early Saturday mornings with my ranch slider open, coffee in hand, the smell of cabbage fields, and the distinct sound of a rotary on the dyno next door was my new definition of heaven.

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Gold roller

At the end of 2018 I shot an old apple hauler that had been given a second lease on life for NZV8 magazine. This was my favourite shoot of 2018 and just screamed ‘badass’ on so many levels. So for that reason I asked the editor if I could throw some images into a blog and share them with you all.

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Martini in rallying

Martini and rallying is a partnership that evokes memories, passion, highs and lows, dust, suffering and joy.  It is a love affair that spanned decades, and will be forever remembered through the most romantic era that rallying has ever seen.  Rallylegend 2018 acknowledged this special bond between the two in San Marino recently.  This year marks forty years since Martini met the sport of rallying, and little did anyone know but it was to be the start of rallying’s most iconic love affair.

Photos by Martin Hansson of MH Rallybilder
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Superstock teams racing

Kiwis have always had a very close affinity with dirt track oval racing, and in particular the superstock class. A full-contact form of motorsport that is full of tactics, strategies, and action to keep the crowd on the edge of their seat.

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Five13 Fab x R’s Garage F20C AE

When I was down at Hardpark 2019 my attention was stolen by two cars, one of them I featured briefly in the last blog, and this is the second one. James Blance is no stranger to building cars, but this one has really ticked all my boxes!

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Last weekend I saddled up and headed down to Wellington to attend the annual Hardpark event, soak in some sun and catch up with his humbleness Reuben Bemrose. Those of you who are not familiar with Reuben damn well should be. Aside from being a total legend he has built possibly the world’s most insane Impreza wagon.

I am not much of a spec geek so can’t tell you much apart from it has a 2J up front, with one heck of a snail bolted to it. The chassis has been on an insane diet, and this monster is going to be pumping out insane power once she is full of fluids and a nice tune.

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2019 here we go…

The itch needed to be scratched, the first opportunity to bathe in clouds of tyre smoke, and listen to a bit of limit bashing was too good to pass up. I grabbed the camera and headed down to my local for a bit of fun.

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Another year down…

At the start of this year I sat down and decided I wanted to take another approach to shooting for twenty eighteen, my work was lacking fun, enjoyment, and I felt it had become cookie cutter ‘go through the motions’ kind of stuff.

I took a step back and decided to try and blog more, enjoy what I was shooting, capture some different stuff, and just find my groove again. I took on the motto of ‘keep photography fun’ because if you aren’t enjoying it what is the point? Looking back I feel I achieved exactly what I set out to do, have met some awesome people, and shot some very cool creations along the way. So time to start infusing this with a few pictures to recap what I have been up to this year.

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Rallylegend – bringing legends out to play

What do you get when you take one quiet Italian microstate, a swarm of rally-mad fans, and a fistful of Group B, A, and WRC machinery?  The answer is Rallylegend, and if you are a rally fanatic then this is one event you should be marking on your calendar every year.  This year Martin Hansson and I are going to be bringing you a few blogs on the event as we are both rally mad and this is effectively Goodwood for the rally enthusiast. We believe that Rallylegend is an event that has to be experienced at least once and here is why!

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Rally Legend 2018 preview

San Marino is a quiet, picturesque setting which many would find best-suited to relaxing in the sunshine with a glass of wine and watching the hours melt away.  This weekend will see the small mountainous microstate transform from idyllic into rowdy rallying royalty.  The annual Rallylegend is here once again and the crème de la crème of rallying is there.  The cars, liveries, and faces of old and new that we all know and love are back to celebrate everything that is rally.

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