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Beauty is merely panel deep…

The Japanese motherland has thrown some amazing scenes in front of my camera, but none of the images have evoked a reaction quite like the missiles that slip, slide and scrape around Ebisu Circuit.  The drifting world has become strangely accustomed to the term ‘missile’, and this trending style has certainly had its time where battle scars were cool, rather than being a shameful reminder of running out of talent.  Coming face to face with some of the most infamous missiles Japan has offered up, has taught me that there is always more than meets the eye with these mythical drift weapons.

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Blogroll – Day 20

While cruising around Tokyo after hitting Subaru, my good buddies Sky Zhao, Ben, and Bryce were landing at Narita airport.  It’s not often a bunch of Kiwis get to go out and cause a ruckus in J-land so we met up for a late night trip out to RWB.

As it happened Sky and the lads were headed for Ebisu the following morning, so with about 6 hours left before we needed to wake up, it was decided to make a day-trip up and have some fun.


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