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Hiroshima twins

A while back I received a phone call about a shoot for two classic red cars, but there was a catch. That catch was that they had to be shot together, I didn’t question the reasoning but sorted out a location and got in touch with the owners Clint and Tony. One was based in Hamilton, and another in Wellington. Logistically it was easiest to just meet in the middle.

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New Zealand – expect the unexpected

New Zealand’s obsession with the rotary engine is no secret, and downunder we have some pretty cool cars hiding away in sheds, parked up in little country towns, and even threading the needle down gravel rally stages.  These photos are nothing new (some have been popped up on Facebook here and there), but I came across them again recently and every time I see these pics they bring a smile to my face.

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Rural roads, roostertails, and rotaries.

The other week I went out and stood in long grass in the middle of nowhere and got showered with gravel, all in the name of ‘fun’.  I was out to shoot a bit of rallying purely for myself, and I had a blast.  In amongst the field, there was one car that left me with a smile from ear to ear and I had to grab a few more photos of it.


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Blogroll – Day 12

I don’t often manage to venture all the way down to Hiroshima, but when I can it always makes me wish I could stay longer.  It is easily one of my top 5 places in Japan!  This time however I was headed south to catch up with a bunch of friends, and enjoy a bit of car-spotting.


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Zoom Zoom – Inside Mazda Hiroshima

It is always nice ticking things off your bucket list.  For as long as I can remember I have craved the chance to head to Hiroshima and tour the Mazda factory.  Not too long ago I decided that this was something that needed to be done sooner rather than later.  So I jumped on the Shinkansen and prepared for a visit to the holy grail of all things rotary.


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