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Gold roller

At the end of 2018 I shot an old apple hauler that had been given a second lease on life for NZV8 magazine. This was my favourite shoot of 2018 and just screamed ‘badass’ on so many levels. So for that reason I asked the editor if I could throw some images into a blog and share them with you all.

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New Zealand – expect the unexpected

New Zealand’s obsession with the rotary engine is no secret, and downunder we have some pretty cool cars hiding away in sheds, parked up in little country towns, and even threading the needle down gravel rally stages.  These photos are nothing new (some have been popped up on Facebook here and there), but I came across them again recently and every time I see these pics they bring a smile to my face.

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4 doritos in a dinghy

A while back I did a spotlight post on a very special boat that is circulating around ponds here in New Zealand, although this one breaks the mold.  Jet sprinting originated in NZ, and is dominated by V8-powered boats.  So when Peter Huijs showed up back in the day with boat that sounded slightly different, we all sat up and took notice.

Jetsprinting in a nutshell, is a jetboat with a crew consisting of a driver and a navigator racing against the clock through a twisting series of channels in 70-100cm of water. Each run usually takes around 55 seconds, and consists of 25-30 changes in direction, and as far as spectator sports go this one is hard to top!

Click on photos for larger version

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RWB New Zealand – The human element.

Akira Nakai, the artisan builder who pours emotion, and soul into his creations is undoubtedly the king of widebody Porsches.  Over the past decade I have been blessed to have spent a lot of time with him, whether at a circuit, or just the two of us sitting in front of his kerosene heater at the workshop.  To those on the outside looking in, RWB may just be another tuning phenomenon.  I however have been lucky to see another side of RWB – the human element.

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RWB New Zealand – Paying it back a bit more

After the emotional unveil of Waikato, a new day had dawned and rather than all parting ways, we were ready to start the rollercoaster all over again.  RWB 001 was in the books, and now it was time for Nan’s 964 to get the special Nakai-san treatment.

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RWB New Zealand – Paying it back

I have to start this post out with two particular photos. The first is ROYAL MONTEGOBAY which was my first RWB photoshoot, and the second is the first photo I took inside the RWB headquarters.


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