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Godzilla of grip

Nissan has been very good to me over the years, access to the DNA Motorsports Museum has been basically on tap whenever I wanted it. While I am not a self-professed Nissan addict, this lair that houses the crème de la crème of all things Nissan will forever draw me back everytime I am in the neighborhood.

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Throwing the rulebook out the window

Taking the rulebook and tossing it out the window is something Nissan is very accustomed to, and when the R32 GTR was unleashed in May of 1989 it was to send ripples through the automotive world.  Nissan had created a monster to ‘out-Porsche’, well…Porsche.  At the time, the 959 was lapping the Nurburgring in 8’45”, so when the R32 GTR smashed that by 25 seconds the world sat up and took notice.  Nissan is no stranger to the heat of competition, with the R32 finding its feet in the fire of Group A racing.  Rallying however is something that Nissan has not found success in for a long time, although this R32 could fit a certain niche quite perfectly.

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Blue Bunny

At the start of 2018, I adopted a ‘keep photography fun’ approach to this year.  I got a message from a buddy of mine who had just got his new bunny all signed off.  I sorted the importation of this genuine TRA-Kyoto kit from Japan so was quite keen to go for a ride in the completed product.  Of course I grabbed the camera to flick off a couple of shots.

Here is what we ended up with.

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Face to face with my ’90s idol

In 1999 I remember coming across a photo of a yellow and black Nissan in Japan that ran under a series known as JGTC.  Ever since that moment it was love at first sight. This car has adorned my computer desktop, I have built models of it, driven it in Gran Turismo lap after lap and it just seems to have been the one car that I have never forgotten.  It was one of the first Japanese competition machines I ever stumbled across, so not long ago I decided to track it down and do something I never thought as a 15-year old I would have the chance to do – come face to face with it.

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Trendsetting – TRA-Kyoto S30

Kei Miura is a leader and leaders always get heat.  They’re always going against the grain, Nakai-san takes heat, Kato-san takes heat, every great artist takes heat.  Heat means they are doing something right.  Anarchists have always taken the path less travelled and ultimately by listening to the voices of passion and ignoring those on social media we have bonkers creations such as the TRA-Kyoto S30Z.

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Blogroll – Day 17 Part 2

After checking out the race machines at the Zama headquarters of Nissan, I was now strolling amongst the road-going cars.  Now I am the first to admit that road cars don’t tickle my fancy after being born and bred into motorsport.  Although it isn’t often you have the entire collection of Nissan’s road-going catalogue at your fingertips.


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Blogroll – Day 17

I have been lucky to get into some amazing workshops, and collections throughout my time in Japan and today was a second visit to one of those.  The Nissan DNA museum is an utterly mind blowing collection of the best Nissan has to offer.  It’s like stepping into a real life Gran Turismo garage with all your idols, seeing the real machines right in front of your eyes is a feeling you don’t forget in a hurry.


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Blogroll – Day 16

Another day another photoshoot.  The trip so far was wake, eat, shoot, sleep.  Hey, I am certainly not complaining about it though.  Making new friends, catching up with old friends, and snapping photos of all my favourite cars is my definition of bliss.


This was the car that required a few little additional tweaks before being shot the night before, finally it was ready. Say hello to Minekeru’s Hlloween racing S13.

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Nissan’s crown jewels – NISMO festival

Started out by Nissan in 1997, the NISMO festival is one event with a reputation just as big as Godzilla.  All the Nissan crown jewels are shipped to Shizuoka’s Fuji Speedway for a solid day of track abuse and aural pleasure.


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86 & Skyline festival

There are 3 things Japan takes very seriously. Sushi, Skylines and 86s. So when you decide to combine two of the three together you are in for one hell of an event, or as the Japanese would say bari tanoshiiyo.


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