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Blue Bunny

At the start of 2018, I adopted a ‘keep photography fun’ approach to this year.  I got a message from a buddy of mine who had just got his new bunny all signed off.  I sorted the importation of this genuine TRA-Kyoto kit from Japan so was quite keen to go for a ride in the completed product.  Of course I grabbed the camera to flick off a couple of shots.

Here is what we ended up with.

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See ya 2017…

Twenty seventeen has been an odd, but unusually satisfying year behind the lens for me.  It has been the first time in a long that that I haven’t set foot in Japan at all, and I thought this would be weirder than it actually was.  Most of you know me for my heavily Japanese orientated content, and the prospect of  predominantly shooting non-Japanese subjects scared me a little.  I jumped out of my comfort zone a bit, and enjoyed the new subjects that I found in front of me.

Now it is time to sum up the year that was, and I have taken nine shoots or events to showcase this year.  Some crazier than others, but all were such an awesome experience to capture. Continue reading »

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Trendsetting – TRA-Kyoto S30

Kei Miura is a leader and leaders always get heat.  They’re always going against the grain, Nakai-san takes heat, Kato-san takes heat, every great artist takes heat.  Heat means they are doing something right.  Anarchists have always taken the path less travelled and ultimately by listening to the voices of passion and ignoring those on social media we have bonkers creations such as the TRA-Kyoto S30Z.

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Blogroll – Day 10

After snapping temples and lots of cherry blossom and endless kimono for a few days I was feeling refreshed and ready to get back into the automotive shooting.  Good way to kick things off was to see a car that I have been craving to shoot since I first saw Dino post a shot of it on Facebook.  The Rocketbunny FD RX7.


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Born out of style – TRA Kyoto

Throughout history those who think differently and attempt to change things are branded as troublemakers, and going against the grain isn’t something that is well accepted in Japan. Kei Miura has always taken the road less travelled, is a true underground hero, an outlaw kanjo racer but most importantly is a true pioneer and innovator.


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