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CARnival 2k19

Ol mate Guy Maxwell and the Choice Promotions team down here in Nuu Zulund throw some of the biggest car meets in the country. Last weekend was the three day long ‘CARnival’ at Bruce McLaren Motorsports Park which was crammed full of crusing, drifting, a burnout comp and drags.

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When the memories hit you

For any car enthusiast, Japan is a concentrated automotive pressure cooker that infuses flavour, class, and creativity into some of the tastiest car culture you can wrap your chops around.

Upon embarking on my overseas experience, I found myself on a little single carriageway cruising through the middle of nowhere in Chiba. Initially the lack of civilisation concerned me, but soon after a grey workshop packed with RX7s distracted my attention. I found myself to be living a stone’s throw from the workshop of RE Amemiya. Early Saturday mornings with my ranch slider open, coffee in hand, the smell of cabbage fields, and the distinct sound of a rotary on the dyno next door was my new definition of heaven.

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4 doritos in a dinghy

A while back I did a spotlight post on a very special boat that is circulating around ponds here in New Zealand, although this one breaks the mold.  Jet sprinting originated in NZ, and is dominated by V8-powered boats.  So when Peter Huijs showed up back in the day with boat that sounded slightly different, we all sat up and took notice.

Jetsprinting in a nutshell, is a jetboat with a crew consisting of a driver and a navigator racing against the clock through a twisting series of channels in 70-100cm of water. Each run usually takes around 55 seconds, and consists of 25-30 changes in direction, and as far as spectator sports go this one is hard to top!

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Blue Streak – Paul Dowdall’s RX8

There is nothing cooler in motorsport than when someone shows up at the strip with something individual, different and it’s a bonus when it sounds good!  Paul Dowdall has gone and ticked all the right boxes with his RX8 drag car.

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Blogroll – Day 6

After a 5:30am finish I managed to wangle a little extra sleep today’s schedule was nice and easy compared to the first few days.  My destination was one I am very familiar with, my first hometown I moved to in Japan – Tomisato.


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Zoom Zoom – Inside Mazda Hiroshima

It is always nice ticking things off your bucket list.  For as long as I can remember I have craved the chance to head to Hiroshima and tour the Mazda factory.  Not too long ago I decided that this was something that needed to be done sooner rather than later.  So I jumped on the Shinkansen and prepared for a visit to the holy grail of all things rotary.


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