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See ya 2017…

Twenty seventeen has been an odd, but unusually satisfying year behind the lens for me.  It has been the first time in a long that that I haven’t set foot in Japan at all, and I thought this would be weirder than it actually was.  Most of you know me for my heavily Japanese orientated content, and the prospect of  predominantly shooting non-Japanese subjects scared me a little.  I jumped out of my comfort zone a bit, and enjoyed the new subjects that I found in front of me.

Now it is time to sum up the year that was, and I have taken nine shoots or events to showcase this year.  Some crazier than others, but all were such an awesome experience to capture. Continue reading »

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Jetsprinting – The ultimate pleasureboat experience

Jetsprinting is a sport that was developed in New Zealand, and has evolved into one of the most thrilling and on the edge water-sports anywhere.  The racing is broken up into three classes, and with every climb in class, the insanity counter goes higher and higher.


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